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NexBlue Edge

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NexBlue Edge is a high-performance wall-mounted electric vehicle charger that operates at 230/400V with a maximum 32A AC supply. Designed to provide a seamless charging experience for your electric vehicle, this charger is a must-have for every eco-conscious driver.

What's Included in the Package?

  • A NexBlue Edge Charger
  • An Installation Kit
  • A Drilling Template
  • An Installer & User Manual
  • A  RFID Card

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Technical specifications


Dimensions (mm) H: 235 x W: 230 x D: 130
Weight 1.8 kg
Operating Temperature -30 °C to +50 °C

User Interface

The NexBlue Edge is controlled by MyNexBlue APP and RFID card authorised through APP.

Charging & Power grids

Charging Power 1.4 to 22 kW
Charge Connector Type 2 Socket
Rated Current 6 A 1 phase to 32 A 3 phase
Voltage 400V AC / 230V AC (±10%)
Installation network TN, IT or TT(detected automatically)


Built-in Energy Meter ±2%
Ingress Protection IP54
Impact Protection IK10
Warranty 3 years
Regulations LVD: 2014/35/EU
EMC: 2014/30/EU
RED: 2014/53/EU