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Why is EU Type Examination Certificate important?

The EU-type examination is a step within a conformity assessment procedure conducted by a Notified Body. It involves scrutinizing the technical aspects of a product to confirm its compliance with the essential criteria outlined in applicable directives and regulations.

This means that the premium EU approved authority SGS has confirmed that our product meets all the essential technical and regulatory requirements.

Who is SGS?

SGS is a leading multinational corporation from Switzerland that offers services in inspecting, verifying, testing, and certifying. Their primary services involve testing product quality and performance against safety and regulatory standards, and ensuring products, systems, or services meet government, industry, or customer-defined standards.

The EU Type Examination Certificated issued by notified body SGS NB2906 means that the world's leading certification company (recognised as the global benchmark for quality and integrity) confirmed our NexBlue Edge completely meet all regulatory standards.

SGS Certification chart

In this certificate, NexBlue Edge has successfully satisfied the conforms of the:

Health & Safety

Satisfying the criteria of health and electrical safety by the applied standards


Meeting the electromagnetic compatibility requirements, ensuring that electrical and electronic devices don't send out harmful electromagnetic signals to other devices and that they're not easily disrupted by signals from other devices that we can expect.


enables efficient use of the radio spectrum

Why are these certificates important?

Safety first

We always put safety before cost, using the safest components for our products. We prioritize safety standards over expenses.

Committed to transparency

We're determined to back up our statements with facts. Our goal is to be open and honest in everything we do and say.

Align with our vision

We aspire to join hands with you to create a safe future for a harmonious natural world.