"By installers and for installers" - Let the Experts Assess NexBlue EV Chargers and Load Balancing

NexBlue has been reported by Dagens Nyheter, one of the greatest daily newspapers in Sweden.

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Electric cars and their associated charging infrastructure represent the future, and NexBlue has successfully developed a solution that combines functionality and economics to meet the needs of both electricians and end users when it comes to charging stations.

"We aim to revolutionize the installation process in the same way Sweden revolutionized assembly for furniture," says Osman Ulusoy, co-founder.

NexBlue manufactures electric vehicle chargers and load balancing that also prioritize efficiency, safety, sustainability, competitive pricing, and sleek design. Co-founder Osman Ulusoy explains that their AC charging system for electric cars represents a comprehensive solution with a focus on both functionality and economics.
"At the start, we conducted a thorough needs analysis through collaboration with experienced electricians who install charging stations. With their feedback, we were able to develop an innovative solution that meets the market's needs according to our vision. Thanks to the feedback from the electricians, we managed to understand the parameters from the needs analysis," he emphasizes.
Dynamic load balancing is important for electric vehicles for several reasons, primarily to optimize performance, improve battery life, and ensure an efficient charging process. Therefore, it is crucial for the end-user to have load balancing. NexBlue's proprietary load balancing can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or radio frequency, which has a range of up to 100 meters from the charging station and can link multiple stations in a network. It also supports the OCPP protocol for integrating control apps and enables the connection of solar panels for efficient energy management.

The company aims to create an integrated ecosystem for environmentally friendly energy products, bringing together batteries, solar panels, and charging stations. Co-founder Aleksandar Savic, also an electrician, highlights the company's attractive business model and the appeal of the green technology deduction.

"The electrician is the core of vision."

"Electricians also play a crucial role in the customer's choice, which is why we offer a free NexBlue Edge and load balancing to electricians who want to try our solution. By letting experts judge the products, we can constantly develop them. Just as Sweden has revolutionized the assembly process, we strive to change the installation experience. Together with partners, we are working towards a safe and sustainable future. Let the product speak for itself and let the electricians be the judge of the product," he concludes.


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