NexBlue Zen (Current Sensor)

NexBlue Zen (stroomsensor) is een delicaat apparaat dat de energie bewaakt en het verbruik van energieverbruik optimaliseert, ter ondersteuning van dynamische taakverdeling en opladen van overtollige zonne-energie. Het is perfect voor scenario's zonder slimme meters en kan lokaal communiceren met NexBlue-opladers via Wi-Fi, LAN of Nexus RF.

What is included in the package?

NexBlue Zen (Current Sensor)
C10 1P MCB
3-in-1 CT clamps for dynamic load balancing


Antenna Extension Cable + Antenna Holder
3-in-1 clamps for solar surplus charging
Rogowski Coil

Optimize your energy usage

Dynamic Load Balancing

No over loading anymore!

Solar Surplus Charging

Grab your free green energy!

Popular science

What is Dynamic Load Balancing

Usually, every building has limited power to use for different electronic appliances. Dynamic load balancing is like having a smart system in your product that acts like a traffic controller for energy distribution.Imagine NexBlue Zen as a power commander, ready to monitor the power flow to all home appliances, and adjust the power goes to our NexBlue EV charger to make sure it works with maximum efficiency. This means the energy in your house can work more smoothly and quickly, without being overwhelmed or underused. It's like making sure the charger is always just busy enough, but not too busy while charging, so everything gets done faster and better. Overall, NexBlue Zen's smart balancing act happens as the work comes in, making your product adaptable and efficient all the time.

What is Solar Surplus Charging

NexBlue Zen helps charge your electric vehicles using renewable energy from sources like solar or wind power. With optional 3-in-1 CT clamps for solar surplus charging, it can track how much energy your solar panels are producing. NexBlue Zen uses this information to make sure your EV charges using just the right amount of solar energy.
This way, you get to charge your EV using clean, renewable energy, which is better for the environment and can also save you money on electricity bills.

Why NexBlue Zen?

Dynamic Load Balancing
Never Overload; charge efficiently
Solar Surplus charging
Monitor solar surplus energy and use for charging
Monitor and Optimize Energy
Grasp real-time data of chargers, home appliances, and PV panels
Uninterrupted Communication
Nexus RF / Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth / Ethernet / RS-485 Function well even without a network
*Inter-circuit LB available through Cloud in one Location
Record the grasped data
Up to 1500A
Optional Rogowski Coil measures up to 1500A

* Under Development


Product support

Tech specs Documents Warranty FAQs
1. General
Model CS3ANA
Dimension(mm) H:85.8 x W: 27 x D: 66.8
Weight 95 g
Over-voltage category OVC II
Insulation class II
Voltage measurement range 85-264 V AC
Rated power 3 W
Current measurement range CT clamps (included): ± 0 – 80 A (MAX cross-section: 16 mm²)
Rogowski coil (optional): ±0 - 1500 A
Power supply 85 - 264 V AC, 50Hz
Installation system TT, IT or TN single to three phase
Terminals Grid terminal / solar panel terminal / RS-485 / LAN / Wi-Fi terminal / power supply terminal
Mounting DIN rail
Warranty 3 years
2. Operating conditions
Operating temperature -25°C to +55°C
Ingress protection IP30
Relative humidity 0 - 90%
Altitude 0-2000 m
Indoor use Yes
3. Connectivity
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth BLE 4.2
Nexus RF
RS-485 TIA/EIA-485A
Ethernet ISO/IEEE 802.3u
4. Regulations
EU Type Examination Certificate (Module B) confirming compliant with Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU
Article 3.1.a: Health and Safety
Article 3.1.b: EMC
Article 3.2: Effectively uses and efficient
use of radio spectrum
1. Warranty

NexBlue commits a 3-year standard warranty* with defects in materials or workmanship of correctly installed NexBlue products to all end users. For Nexblue users, the warranty date should start at the date of installation. In case the product has not been installed, the warranty date starts from the 1 year after the date it has been purchased from the Authorized Dealer. Once the warranty has been claimed, the original warranty period will not be prolonged.

* The extended warranty to 5 years is applied in Nordics

NexBlue does not hold any responsibility for any loss, expense, or harm that arises from the utilization or improper use of our hardware products.

2. Deficiencies

NexBlue guarantees that its products, when delivered, will adhere to the necessary specifications. NexBlue shall not be responsible for a unit with the following defects, which will not be included in the warranty:

Misuse, including but not limited to

  • Not using the product for its designed purpose or according to NexBlue's guidelines for proper usage and maintenance.
  • Operating the product in a way that contradicts the technical or safety norms applicable in the country of use

Improper Installation, including but not limited to

  • Installation, modification, or repair by unauthorized personnel or entities.
  • Non-compliance with local or regional laws and the product's technical/safety standards for its intended market.

Incidents unrelated to NexBlue products

  • Such as, but not limited to, lightning, flood damage, fire, earthquakes, grid system defects, other devices' defects, etc.
3. How to claim the warranty?

For a valid warranty claim with NexBlue, it is mandatory to provide the original invoice or sales receipt showing the dealer's name, purchase date, and price amount. Incomplete or unauthorized versions of this document will not be eligible for a complimentary warranty service.

Troubleshooting Resolution Process for NexBlue Products

  1. NexBlue provides swift and complimentary assistance to its partners. Send us an email at OR join in our NexBlue Facebook Community. Contact the group manager and you will receive faster response within 3 business days.
  2. Or as standard practice, you can also approach NexBlue partners who are expected to be the primary point of contact and provide initial support directly to users. In instances where issues are beyond the resolution capacity of NexBlue partners, the NexBlue support team will step in to offer dedicated and comprehensive support.

Hardware Issue Resolution Process for NexBlue Products

  1. Send us an email at OR join in our NexBlue Facebook Community. Contact the group manager and you will receive faster response within 3 business days.
  2. Or contact the installer or authorized dealer from whom you purchased the NexBlue product to initiate a warranty claim.
  3. The NexBlue partner must verify that the unit is safely powered and operational, and then contact the NexBlue support team for an initial remote diagnosis.
  4. In cases where remote resolution is not possible, NexBlue will arrange an on-site intervention to address the issue.
  5. Should hardware replacement be required, NexBlue will dispatch the replacement unit to the authorized dealer. The defective hardware must be sent back to NexBlue, utilizing the provided prepaid return shipping label.
Does NexBlue Zen function without a network connection?

Yes! The NexBlue Zen communicates with our NexBlue chargers using a local radio frequency, which we call it Nexus RF. It will continue to function even when not connected to the network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. However, we always recommend connecting the NexBlue Zen to the network so that you can remotely monitor the status and access energy statistics on the go.

What is the Fallback current for NexBlue Zen?

In extreme conditions where NexBlue chargers don't receive signals from NexBlue Zen for more than 3 minutes, it is necessary to implement a lower charging current for safe charging. Charging will return to normal once the chargers reconnect with NexBlue Zen.|
You can adjust the Fallback current accordingly in the Settings of NexBlue Zen.