RDC-DD (Residual direct current detecting device) is the safety device used to protect against electrical hazards. They monitor the flow of electricity and can quickly disconnect power if they detect a leakage of 6 mA DC residual current, which could occur due to a fault or when someone comes into contact with live electrical parts.

This signifies that our product has been officially endorsed by the prominent testing agency TÜV, ensuring that the RDC-DD components within it adhere to all crucial technical and safety standards.

Who is TÜV?

TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein) is an independent organization from Germany that evaluates, inspect, and certifies technologies, products, and systems to enhance safety and reduce risks. Globally renowned as a symbol of trust and quality, a TÜV certification guarantees that a product, service, or process has undergone rigorous safety testing and meets national, regional, and international regulations, offering consumers assurance that the product is thoroughly assessed for defects and potential hazards.

NexBlue Edge's RDC-DD certification from TÜV affirm that we have successfully undergone rigid testing, demonstrating that our these components in our products meet the highest safety criterias.

TÜV Certification

In this certificate, NexBlue Edge has successfully passed the test of the:

TÜV certifications for IEC 62955:2018

It sets the rules for RDC-DD to make sure RCDs type A or type F can still work properly even if there's DC current above 6 mA. RDC-DDs are meant to turn off the power to electric vehicles if they detect a steady DC current of 6 mA or more. It can indicate a potential problem or safety risk, which are crucial for safeguarding the people who use and interact with electric vehicles.

Why is it important to test RDC-DD?

We genuinely care about both regulations and your safety. We go to great lengths to ensure that our products meet all regulatory requirements. The significance of RDC-DD cannot be overstated, particularly during installation and everyday use, as they serve as vital safeguards that keeping you and your property safe from electrical dangers like shocks and fires.

Deep down, safety means the world to us, and we're absolutely devote ourselves to it. We spare no effort in selecting the safest components for our products, always putting safety standards before any other considerations. It's all about empowering you with the information you need to make well-informed choices when it comes to your safety.