Simple. Smart. Intuitive.

Sharped for reliability, our EV Charger solution is coming soon.

Power a clean future.

A straightforward and reliable system you can trust

Our EV charging solution brings your vehicle a powerful and clever way of charging for your daily life. We would like to enable an intuitive use of clean charging while focusing our R&D on the reliability and the proof of quality. It is why our EV chargers undergo rigorous lab/field tests, are CE proof and sustainable.

Build a better charger. Lead a green life. Create a better world.

Easy installation and use

We understand the complexity and confusion people face during installation and use of EV chargers. We share the feelings and simplified the system to save your day - we created an intuitive system of installation, internet configuration and use for you.

Enjoy your smart charging with us!

Smart control with my NexBlue app

Monitor and control your charging, anytime and anywhere. Schedule your charging in the cheapest and cleanest way.

Integrated with residential and local energy solutions by a scalable and inter-connected system.

Online diagnosis and OTA upgrades to simplify aftersales and always ensure the latest features for our users.

Universal, effortless and for everyone.

They are built and designed for the best compatibility, covering most of the EV brands and a huge variety of installation types, for all systems.

Why NexBlue?

We are proud about our product. But also about our values, and our vision.
Small but powerful
  • Automatic adjustable to 1.4–22 kW
  • Built-in RCD (30mA Type A + 6mA DC)
  • 1.8 kg with a dimension of 235 x 230 (H*W)

Cost saving
  • Charge when energy is cheap and green
  • Integrated with residential energy solutions
  • Online diagnosis and OTA upgrades
Easy installation and use
  • Intuitive to install/use
  • Easy configuration of internet connection and always online
  • Modular design to scale/change/repair

Users Testimonials

Thank you for your trust! We are proud to share our users experiences.

WIth a team of experts, NexBlue has implemented energy-saving tech with safety, effortless installation, and suitable prices.

I really enjoy using NexBlue's app, which is particularly easy to operate and widely adaptable. Keep up the good work.

NexBlue has a very original look and is bursting with technology. Not only a charger, it's also a piece of artwork that is aesthetically pleasing.