Who are we?

NexBlue works on charging and energy systems dedicated to changing the way people use energy. Our smart charging system supports the use of energy in a more intuitive, affordable and clean approach, especially in the energy crisis.

We have a highly-motivated and tech-driven team from the battery, smart drone and scooter sharing industry. We value a long-term value creation for customers derived from quality and safe products, hassle-free installation, and seamless charging experience. We hope to contribute in our unique way to the mass adoption of electric vehicles globally – which we call it “new e-mobility”.

Why NexBlue?

Our EV charging solution brings your vehicle a powerful and clever way of charging for your daily life. We would like to enable an intuitive use of clean charging while focusing our R&D on the reliability and the proof of quality. It is why our EV chargers undergo rigorous lab/field tests, are CE proof and sustainable.

Our charger also supports dynamic load balance with Enegic smart device.

  • Safety and reliability

    Our charger is developed with quality components and non-compromised safety features, as confirmed by external testing agencies.

  • Cost saving

    Energy/money saving features (like charging when energy is cheap and clean, DLB and solar charging) can be configured via the APP and are customizable based on customer needs.

  • Easy installation and configuartion

    We care about our users and want to make installers' life easier. With a modular and scalable design, it saves installation time to set up different features and scale easily in the future.

  • One for all and future-oriented

    One product with all integrated features achieved by cutting-edge architecture design. It supports all EV types and power grids. In particular, we have the hardware all ready and software upgradeable via OTA. Rest assured that you have the right one for the future.

Intuitive user experience

NexBlue APP allows you to remotely control and manage your NexBlue Edge charger

Get insights into your charging sessions and energy used.
Track your charging history
Lock the cable in the charger
Grant access to neighbours, friends and family

Universal, effortless and for everyone.

They are built and designed for the best compatibility, covering most of the EV brands and a huge variety of installation types, for all systems.

Users Testimonials

Thank you for your trust! We are proud to share our users experiences.

WIth a team of experts, NexBlue has implemented energy-saving tech with safety, effortless installation, and suitable prices.

I really enjoy using NexBlue's app, which is particularly easy to operate and widely adaptable. Keep up the good work.

NexBlue has a very original look and is bursting with technology. Not only a charger, it's also a piece of artwork that is aesthetically pleasing.