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Is it mandatory to be an authorized installer to use the NexBlue Partner App?

Yes, only authorized installers are permitted to use this app to configure NexBlue chargers. Configuring the chargers requires professional technical knowledge. Otherwise, it may lead to damages to the charger and potential violations of local laws and regulations.

Can I conduct a pre-test before transferring the charger to the new owner?

Yes, after configuration in the NexBlue Partner App, you'll find the charger listed under the location. Simply tap into it to test the charging and review the settings as needed. You can even monitor it for maintenance purposes after transferring to the new owner.

Can I use the same account to log into the NexBlue Partner APP and NexBlue Partner Portal on PC?

Yes, you can use the same account to log into both the NexBlue Partner App and the NexBlue Partner Portal on PC. The account is unified, and the data is cross-platform.

How does my APP connect with NexBlue devices?

On the main page, there is a connectivity status indicating the current connection status of the chargers and how your APP is connected to them.

How do I share charger permissions with my family or friends?

Instead of providing a physical RFID card for shared charging, you can share charger permissions with them via APP. Follow the steps below:

  1. Tap the Share icon
  2. Tap Share charger and enter their email address if they've registered in the myNexBlue APP in advance.
  3. Tap Continue, and the sharing is complete! This charger will now appear in their myNexBlue APP.

*The shared users can only start/stop their own charging. They will not see your consumption data or modify most configurations. As the owner, you have the authority to stop anyone else's charging.

Does NexBlue Zen function without a network connection?

Yes! The NexBlue Zen communicates with our NexBlue chargers using a local radio frequency, which we call it Nexus RF. It will continue to function even when not connected to the network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

However, we always recommend connecting the NexBlue Zen to the network so that you can remotely monitor the status and access energy statistics on the go.