NexBlue Edge

NexBlue Edge er en højtydende vægmonteret elbiloplader, der fungerer i en og tre faser med op til 22 kW ladeeffekt. Designet til at give en problemfri opladningsoplevelse til dit elektriske køretøj, denne oplader er et must-have for enhver miljøbevidst bilist.

NexBlue Edge understøtter dynamisk belastningsbalance med NexBlue Zen og andre integrationspartnere.



What is included in the package?

A NexBlue Edge charger
Installation kits
An installer & user manual
A NexBlue
RFID card

Optimize your energy usage

Dynamic Load Balancing

DLB ensures quick and safe charging without overloading, even when your power capacity is limited. No more worries about overloading your system!

Solar Surplus Charging

Solar surplus charging allows you to charge affordably and in eco-friendly using solar panels. Take advantage of free, green energy from the sun!

Why NexBlue Edge?

Unique Design
Ideas from space and meteorites
19 Sensors
Ensure protection and safety
Safety and reliability
TUV and SGS certified
Hassle-free OTA
Wi-Fi / 4G eSim / Bluetooth
Adaptive fast charging
Max charging in all electric systems
High Compatibility
IT, TN, and TT
One-phase & three Phases
Off-peak Hour Charging
Schedule charging
OCPP Supported
Local OCPP 1.6J allows future-proof integration
Easy start mode
Plug & Play; Mobile NFC;
RFID; APP control

Intuitive APP enables easy control

We developed a one-for-all APP that is intuitive to use. You can monitor and track your charging status and data, as well as using our comprehensive and thoughtful design that enhances your charging experiences.

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Safety & Certification

Our charging stations adhere to all necessary safety standards for both the product and its installation, ensuring a high level of safety compliance. NexBlue Edge has acquired an EU Type Examination Certificate.

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NexBlue Edge acquired the RDC-DD (6 mA DC) Test Certificate, indicating that the technology we develop is safe and complies with all the specified regulatory standards.

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Product support

Tech specs Document Warranty FAQs
1. General
Model NB1620A
Dimension (mm) H: 235 x W: 230 x D: 130
Wall Mounting (mm) H: 206 x W:130
Weight 1.8 kg
Operating Temperature -30 °C to +50 °C
Storage Temperature -40 °C to +70 °C
Working Humidity 5% to 80%
Working Altitude < 2000 m
External Package Carton
2. Charging & Power grids
Charging Power 1.4 to 22 kW
Charge Connector Type 2 Socket
Rated Current 6 A 1 phase to 32 A 3 phases
Maximum Output Current 32 A
Voltage 3 * 400 V AC / 230 V AC (±10%)
Installation Network IT, TN, and TT (auto detect)
Mains Frequency 50 Hz
Built-in Energy Meter ±2%
3. Protection
Built-in Residual Current Protection RDC-DD (6 mA DC) according to IEC 62955 + 30 mA AC*
Ingress Protection IP54
Impact Protection IK08
UV resistant yes
Insulation class I
Overvoltage category III
Other Protection Overload protection
Residual current protection
Surge protection
Over/under voltage protection
Temperature protection
Relay welding protection
*External type A RCD is required
4. User Interface
Enclosure Plastics
LED Indicator Red / Green / Blue / White / Orange
RFID Reader ISO / IEC 14443 Type A
Start Mode myNexBlue APP / RFID / NFC / Plug & Play / NexBlue User Portal
5. Connectivity
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n
Built-in eSIM 4G (LTE Cat M1) / 2G / GPRS
Nexus RF
Bluetooth BLE 4.2
OCPP Local OCPP 1.6-J
6. Regulations
EU Type Examination Certificate (Module B) confirming compliant with:
2014/53/EU (RED)
2014/35/EU (LVD)
2014/30/EU (EMC)
2011/65/EU (RoHS)
See DoC for details at
1. Warranty

NexBlue commits a 3-year standard warranty* with defects in materials or workmanship of correctly installed NexBlue products to all end users. For Nexblue users, the warranty date should start at the date of installation. In case the product has not been installed, the warranty date starts from the 1 year after the date it has been purchased from the Authorized Dealer. Once the warranty has been claimed, the original warranty period will not be prolonged.

* The extended warranty to 5 years is applied in Nordics according to local regulations.

NexBlue does not hold any responsibility for any loss, expense, or harm that arises from the utilization or improper use of our hardware products.

2. Deficiencies

NexBlue guarantees that its products, when delivered, will adhere to the necessary specifications. NexBlue shall not be responsible for a unit with the following defects, which will not be included in the warranty:

Misuse, including but not limited to

  • Not using the product for its designed purpose or according to NexBlue's guidelines for proper usage and maintenance.
  • Operating the product in a way that contradicts the technical or safety norms applicable in the country of use

Improper Installation, including but not limited to

  • Installation, modification, or repair by unauthorized personnel or entities.
  • Non-compliance with local or regional laws and the product's technical/safety standards for its intended market.

Incidents unrelated to NexBlue products

  • Such as, but not limited to, lightning, flood damage, fire, earthquakes, grid system defects, other devices' defects, etc.
3. How to claim the warranty?

For a valid warranty claim with NexBlue, it is mandatory to provide the original invoice or sales receipt showing the dealer's name, purchase date, and price amount. Incomplete or unauthorized versions of this document will not be eligible for a complimentary warranty service.

Troubleshooting Resolution Process for NexBlue Products

  1. NexBlue provides swift and complimentary assistance to its partners. Send us an email at OR join in our NexBlue Facebook Community. Contact the group manager and you will receive faster response within 3 business days.
  2. Or as standard practice, you can also approach NexBlue partners who are expected to be the primary point of contact and provide initial support directly to users. In instances where issues are beyond the resolution capacity of NexBlue partners, the NexBlue support team will step in to offer dedicated and comprehensive support.

Hardware Issue Resolution Process for NexBlue Products

  1. Send us an email at OR join in our NexBlue Facebook Community. Contact the group manager and you will receive faster response within 3 business days.
  2. Or contact the installer or authorized dealer from whom you purchased the NexBlue product to initiate a warranty claim.
  3. The NexBlue partner must verify that the unit is safely powered and operational, and then contact the NexBlue support team for an initial remote diagnosis.
  4. In cases where remote resolution is not possible, NexBlue will arrange an on-site intervention to address the issue.
  5. Should hardware replacement be required, NexBlue will dispatch the replacement unit to the authorized dealer. The defective hardware must be sent back to NexBlue, utilizing the provided prepaid return shipping label.
How to pair the RFID card with my charger?

With the included NexBlue RFID card in the package, you can use it immediately without additional pairing—it's already linked to the charger!
Most RFID keytags are compatible with our charger, like the one for your apartment door, and mobile NFC. * Apple NFC is currently not supported as RFID devices due to its restrictions.
You can add RFID cards in two types: Admin card and Guest card. The difference can be seen in What is the difference between Admin card and Guest card?

What is the difference between Admin card and Guest card?

There are two types of RFID cards in NexBlue's system, each with different permissions for charging control:
1. Admin card:
An admin card has the authority to stop all ongoing charging sessions, regardless of whether they were initiated by the APP, RFID cards, or other shared users.

2. Guest card:
A Guest card is limited to controlling only their own charging sessions.

Which EV models are compatible with the NexBlue charger for charging?

As long as your EV model is compatible with the installed grid type, any EV on the market can be charged using a NexBlue charger.

What is the Cable Lock mode for a NexBlue Charger?

Our charger comes equipped with a built-in mechanical cable lock designed to secure the charging cable, preventing unplugging during charging or theft. The cable lock features two modes:
1. Lock while charging:
Enjoy the freedom of an untethered charger. Unlock and unplug your EV first after charging is complete, and then remove the connector from the charger.
2. Always lock:
Keep it "Tethered." The cable remains connected to the charger at all times, even when the EV is not plugged in.